Our times require the best solutions. Once requirements and standards are constantly increasing, two they significantly reduce costs. Modern technologies modify the way buildings are used, and thus, for example, the use of recuperation eliminates the need to open windows. R ORION system fit this trend. Our bay windows were originally developed for installation in passive houses, but are perfectly suitable for use in conventional buildings. Several years have passed from the first idea to developing the final solution, thanks to which we can proudly present our R ORION bay window system.

– excellent thermal parameters.
– using the outer frame increases the dimensions of the window opening in the light.
– the lack of an internal frame allows you to increase the surface of the window sill or floor by the thickness of the wall and the width of the window protruding beyond the face of the wall.
– modern design ensures a unique look of the facade and interior.
– the mere use of these windows allows a complete change of appearance and modernization of the facade, important for renovations and renovations.

Our company also renovates historic brick façades and install new one in that very mode. The combination of our bay windows, brick and metal gives excellent results.